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“Did you know that Chiropractic care is a form of natural drug free health care?” says Dr. Dustin Meyer, who uses a variety of techniques to help his patients. He analyzes a person’s spine and nervous system even before he begins an adjustment. “When our nervous system functions properly, you can have more energy, feel and look better, enjoy improved sleep, have better digestion and a robust immune system. It is proven to be safe, convenient, minimally invasive, and an excellent first choice for those wishing to avoid prescription drugs or surgery.”

Precise, Comfortable Care for All

From newborns to seniors, all ages can benefit from safe, effective, drug-free chiropractic care. The techniques we use will be custom-tailored to you because every person’s nervous system responds a little bit differently. For those who prefer a gentle adjustment we use instrument-assisted methods. Some patients may prefer a manual adjustment.

Regardless of the technique that is used, the goal is the same: removing interference from your nervous system in a gentle, safe, specific and effective way. At every appointment, your chiropractor will check and evaluate you to see how you’re responding to care. Each time you come in you will be adjusted a little differently. And because the care you receive is always precise, we only adjust areas that need it — no more, no less.

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Lean On Me Chiropractic LLC
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